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Oportunidade: Prudence Trust / UCL Fellowship

Atualizado: 3 de jun. de 2022

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O Prudence Trust in Children and Young people’s Mental Health abriu a vaga para um fellowship com a duração de 3 anos.

O anúncio que se segue é partilhado em inglês:

UCL Department / Division

To be decided depending on sponsoring Department

Location of position



7 or 8 (clinical and non-clinical)


Full Time

Duties and Responsibilities

With support from the Prudence Trust, University College London has funding available for a 3-year Fellowship in Children and Young people’s Mental Health. The Fellowship is aimed at clinical and non-clinical researchers with a strong research track-record in the field. The Fellowship will start between 1st Oct 2022-1st Jan 2023.

Research conducted during the Fellowship should be focused on improving the mental health of children and young people (primarily ages 8-25) through prevention or early intervention. Projects should aim to advance understanding of anxiety or depression and build evidence on what works to prevent or treat these conditions. We are interested in projects with clear translational outcomes and projects which look at the impact of both traditional and non-traditional interventions (including but not exclusively social, non-clinical practices). The Fellowship is open to researchers in any discipline (and can be interdisciplinary), but we expect most applicants to be working in applied science, as we hope the research will lead to practical applications and real-life change.

Key Requirements

UCL Prudence Trust Fellowships are aimed at talented individuals with a PhD (or equivalent) with 3-7 years of post-doctoral research experience. There is flexibility regarding this time frame for clinical Fellows and those who have taken career breaks. The purpose of the Fellowships is to help build the career of the brightest individuals in the field who have shown commitment to mental health research and to help them on their way to establishing their independence as a Principal Investigator. We want to support individuals who will embrace and benefit from UCL’s networking and interdisciplinary collaboration opportunities and who have the potential to become international research leaders.

The Fellowship period of 36 months on a full-time basis. The Fellowship can be undertaken on a part-time basis, and in that instance the term of the Fellowship can be extended accordingly.

Further Details

Non-clinical Fellows will be appointed at Research Fellow, Grade 7 (£36,770 - £44,388 per annum inclusive of London allowance), or Senior Research Fellow, Grade 8 (£45,610 - £53,757 per annum inclusive of London allowance) depending on experience; Clinical Fellows will be appointed at Clinical Research Fellow, Grade 7(£38,024 - £53,486 per annum inclusive of London allowance) or Senior Clinical Research Fellow, Grade 8 (£47,289 - £63,306 per annum inclusive of London allowance), depending on experience.

The total value of the award is up to £400,000.00. The award will cover the Fellow’s salary (100% direct costs, 15% towards overheads) and 100% research costs such as:

· Salary costs for research assistance (plus 15% overheads)

· Continuing professional development and training

· Equipment, materials, and consumables

· Travel

· Patient and public involvement costs

· Dissemination costs

Fellows are expected to spend at least 80% of their time on research activities. The remainder of the time may be spent on teaching, administrative duties or clinical work (if relevant), but should not hinder progress on their research project.

How to apply:

As part of the application process, applicants must submit a research proposal detailing their planned work. Fellowship work can be undertaken in any UCL Department.

Applicants must identify an academic sponsor at UCL to sponsor their application. A sponsor should be a Group Leader, Head of Research Department, or Division/Institute Director. Candidates must contact and discuss their application with the potential sponsor at an early stage of the application process. Sponsors must provide a letter of support as part of the candidate’s application to assure the selection panel that the Fellow will be welcomed into the host department as an independent researcher and to detail the space, support, and facilities that will be provided to the applicant to establish and pursue their independent research agenda. The letter must be co-signed by the relevant Division/Institute Director as proof that they all have reviewed and approved the commitments. If the research work is to be carried out in two different UCL departments, the application must include letters of support from a sponsor in each department.

Candidates may use UCL’s Research Portal to find the contact details of academics and Research Departments/Division/Institutes in their research area.

Please consult The Prudence Trust/UCL Fellowship Guidelines and Terms and Conditions, for further information:

Application process: Please submit your application via UCL ROME.

Additional Documents:

· Job Description and Person Specification

· The Prudence Trust / UCL Fellowship Guidelines

· The Prudence Trust / UCL Fellowship Terms and Conditions

· Application Checklist

Closing Date

7 Jun 2022

Latest time for the submission of applications


Interview date

Interviews will be held in early July (w/c 4th July).

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