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Recrutamento de Investigador || Recruiting Researcher

A PARSUK procura recrutar um Investigador para mapear as ligações científicas entre o Reino Unido e Portugal. O anúncio de recrutamento segue em Inglês.

Mapping scientific linkages between the United Kingdom and Portugal

PARSUK, the Portuguese Association for Researchers and Students in the UK (, is looking for a Researcher as part of the project that maps scientific linkages between the United Kingdom and Portugal. The post is available for four months (September to December 2020) and involves working remotely.

The (long-term) purpose of the project is to create a dynamic database that shows existing links between the two countries in the domain of science; and that permits match-making of individual researchers, research institutions (universities, independent laboratories, etc.) and companies with a strong R&D focus. The database is inspired by the existing Study and Research platform (

The post-holder will facilitate the extraction, harmonisation and curation of data, highlighting partnerships and collaborations at multiple levels between the UK and Portugal. Working alongside PARSUK’s Executive Committee and its Scientific Advisory Board, the post-holder will create, implement and document systems to facilitate the maintenance of the database, and services aimed at supporting information to develop international collaboration between the UK and Portugal.

Candidate Requirements

  • Degree or equivalent in Informatics or Software Engineering, Computer Science or Systems Engineering (minimum BA);

  • Experience in database and data warehouse design, in preparing detailed technical documentation, and knowledge of data modelling;

  • Programming experience, including SQL, Python and web scrapping projects;

  • Expertise in natural language processing (NLP); knowledge of other relevant machine learning techniques is desirable;

  • High-levels of proficiency in English and Portuguese.

Relevant tasks include, but are not limited to, deriving information on:

- Sectors where collaborations are being developed

  • academic and/or industrial/business sector within the UK

- Details about the involved researchers

  • Cross-check information from SPIDER, GPS, Ciência Vitae and other databases with ORCID IDs

  • Develop/adopt a single unique identifier for each researcher

  • Determine Level of Seniority

  • Identify Field of Study

  • Identify number of researchers in the UK

- Details of partnerships and/or collaborations

  • Identify type of partnerships or collaborations, e.g. institutions-institutions, groups-groups, institution-groups, and others

  • Determine number of collaborations

  • Determine number of partners, including a) identifying number of researchers in a single partner institution; b) ascertain connections to education, in addition to research ones

  • Provide an output of collaborations


The total salary for the project is 6,000 EUR, paid in monthly instalments between September and December, subject to successful completion of tasks.

How to apply

Interested applicants should send a condensed CV (four A4 pages maximum) and a letter of motivation summarizing essential expertise for this project to

The deadline for submission of the CV and letter of motivation is August 4.

Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed by a panel consisting of members from PARSUK’s Executive Committee and the Scientific Advisory Board. Interviews are scheduled to take place in the week commencing August 10.

For inquiries, please email Dr. Márcia Costa, and

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